the Mast is no longer.

We are rebranding to Minor League (MNR LGE) and are refreshing our approach to representing artists whose work we believe in. We see ourselves as representative agents who aim to bring newer and younger voices to the artistic dialogue, not just in Atlanta, but in the larger American South. With or without a space, our programming going forward will be centered around shinning the spotlight to artists on the come up. Men and Women, young or old, black and white and every color in between.

To begin, we will be starting a studio visit blog that will aim to represent artist practices in all mediums in the south. We will also be curating pop up exhibitions in alternative spaces as they come available as well as putting together exhibitions with other artist spaces, institutions and programs in the south.

If you would like to participate, we will be putting a Patreon account together for you to donate to our mission. $5 dollars a month will go along way to pay for us to drive to Nashville, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Greenville, Richmond and everywhere in between. If you are interested in reaching out for a studio visit, we will be putting out the email to contact later this week. It will be a direct account specifically for artists inquiring for a visit. We expect it to be pretty busy so we are separating it from our regular accounts as to maintain some sanity from constantly buzzing phones.

Be easy and stay tuned.