Thank you to our funders


We owe a huge debt to the forty-nine people who donated to our fundraiser in the first two weeks of operating. As of April 17, 2019, we have raised 78% of our target and it is in large part to our friends, family, colleagues, once friends and once colleagues.

We are truly thankful to all of you.

Glenn & Darlene Dent, Lindsey DeMell, Myleik Teele, Johanna Norry, Betsy Whiteman, Ean Dent, Judith Russell, Laura Fraser, Leo Villa, Philip Mylie & Dana Furqueron, Susan Macary, Jarret Christian & Monica Durney, Alan Chiang, Anonymous, Elena De Soto, Jennifer Niswonger, Jessamy McManus, Jonathan Smith, Kelly Kristin Jones, Mark Johnson, Quinn Palmer, Brittany Bee, Morgan Ashcom, Biyunka Montgomery, Christina Foard, Greg Green, Parker Reinecker, Stephanie Hoffman, Jan Rattia, Ali Norman, Ally Christmas, Anonymous, Blair Janine, Gregory Harris, Kat Delong, Maria Dampier, Saegan & Patrick Brien, Shane Rocheleau, Steven Anderson, Sydney Daniel, Aston Bird, Claire Jarvis, Matt Pham, Anonymous, Devra Brace, Lucia Riffel, Anonymous