Chapter Two: Material Transgressions

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Zora Murff, Hannah Ehrlich and Tayler Drattlo

May 11th - June 2nd, 2019

The Mast is proud to have present the solo exhibitions by Fayetteville based Zora J. Murff and Atlanta based Hannah Ehrlich and Tayler Drattlo. The show will be up from May 11th to June 2nd and the opening reception will be Saturday, May 11th from 6-10pm.

Material Transgressions is a collection of exhibitions that explores emotional inquires into history, landscape, the politics of identity and the meaning of the other. While each exhibition operates in this space very differently, each artist abstracts the traditional process into his or her mediums. Zora Murff, Hannah Ehrlich and Tayler Drattlo push the conceptual capabilities of their medium outside of the traditional means of display, construction and process. From Tayler’s caged neon women who are best seen at night to Zora’s investigation in to systemic violence in black communities and Hannah’s translation of turbulent landscape; themes of violence, power and control are all present here but rendered in varying ways.

Zora J. Murff

At No Point In Between


At No Point In Between prompts inquiry into the antinomy that exists in recorded violence: how documentation of anti-black violence was used to shame black individuals, but how we have used those same images inversely to interrupt the collective belief of a racial hierarchy. I accomplish this by challenging the photographs use as an objective document; addressing the convergence of the physical and social landscape; and reinterpreting complex narratives about race, power, and violence. Creating a collection of images scrutinized in both their historical and contemporary contexts, I metaphorically connect the body and the landscape, fast and slow violence. By intertwining witnessing and critical analysis, I work towards a deeper understanding of systemic white supremacy and the resulting violence therein.

Zora J Murff is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Arkansas. Zora received his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and holds a BS in Psychology from Iowa State University. Combining his education in human services and art, Zora’s work explores how photography is intertwined with social and cultural constructs. His work has been exhibited nationally, internationally, and featured online including Aperture Magazine, The New Yorker, VICE Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, and The New York Times. Zora was named a 2019 Aperture Portfolio Prize finalist, an honoree for PDN’s 30: New & Emerging Photographers to Watch, was selected for the 2019 Light Work Artist-in- Residence Program, named the Daylight Photo Award Winner, and was also selected as a LensCulture Top 50 Emerging Talent with his collaborative partner Rana Young. Zora’s first monograph, Corrections, was published by Aint-Bad Editions in 2015 and his second monograph, LOST, Omaha, was published by Kris Graves Projects in 2018.

Hannah Ehrlich



Hannah Ehrlich’s work uses traditional and nontraditional modes of textile design to create wovens that function as both objects and two-dimensional surfaces. Texture, color, form, and depth come together to create dense overlapping, striations and overflowing piles of fabric that reference the evolving and enveloping landscape. Like that of a Turner painting, nature is seen as perpetually powerful, turbulent and dangerous. Ehrlich’s final forms are wall-bound sedimentary tapestries that allude to the comfort of domesticity, but the illusion of space on the surface allow for chaos and order to intertwine with one another.

Hannah Ehrlich is a textile artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her BFA in Textile and Fiber Arts from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in 2017. She was awarded the Surface Design Association Outstanding Student Award in 2017. She has shown at Mason Fine Art, Swan Coach House Gallery, Lyndon House Arts Center, MK + AB Gallery, Abernathy Arts Center, Callanwolde Arts Center, and Sulfur Studios. She is the 2019 featured artist for the Westobou Gallery in Augusta, Georgia.

Tayler Drattlo


Tayler Drattlo is a neon artist originally from South Texas and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to study neon design. She currently works at The Neon Company where she uses traditional means to craft and assemble commercial designs. She has exhibited her work in installations around the South where she pushes the physical and conceptual limits of the medium while preserving the integrity of the 120-year-old craft.

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